St. Vincent Prep Academy

Ensuring Long-Term Success
St. Vincent Prep Academy is a short-term solution for the preschool age child with behavioral issues.  Throughout our program, each child will learn new behaviors that will allow him/her to move on to kindergarten with confidence.  On average, a child is in our program for 3-6 months.

Once a child has successfully completed our program and is ready to move on, our staff will develop a Behaviors Support Plan that will provide helpful information and action steps for the new school to implement.  Our goal is to ensure continued success and growth, based on what the child has learned at St. Vincent Prep Academy.  Our staff will work with the child, the child’s family and the staff at the new center during the transition time while he or she adjusts to the new environment.  

St. Vincent Prep Academy’s success is centered around an individualized support program that encourages positive behaviors and provides the educational opportunities that each child deserves.  Our program offers the following unique features:

Dual Focus Academic Program:
Our staff will help each child learn reading, writing, spelling, math and self-management skills, while encouraging critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Positive Learning Environment:
• Teachers are passionate about teaching
   preschoolers with behavioral issues. 

• Classroom setting provides a supportive
   learning environment where each child is
   made to feel safe to express his or herself in
   a healthy, productive manner. 

• Program focuses on building your child’s:
        • emotional
        • social
        • cognitive
        • physical skills

Our success is based on:
• Staff who specialize in behavior

• Evidence-based social-emotional programs
   (DECA) (IY)

At St. Vincent Prep Academy, there is:

• one teacher to every six children,
   which allows the teacher to focus on
   each child’s needs

• the ability to intervene when
   inappropriate behaviors are displayed

• the opportunity to work with each
  child to demonstrate and teach
  appropriate, positive behaviors while
  following an individualized assessment
  and program plan. 

Program Director, Erin Calhoun, MSW, LSW

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