News & Updates

Jul 06 | 2015
St. Vincent Family Center is looking for responsible, caring adults who are interested in welcoming foster care children into their homes.  If you would like to be a foster parent or would like some information about becoming a foster parent, please call Beth Bradley at 813-0523.  We are...
Jun 25 | 2015
~~If your child struggled in elementary or middle school with behaviors and needs help, call our Intake department today.  We are opening our new wing and expanding Therapeutic School services for children ages 6-12.  There a new seats available right now!  Call (614) 824-KIDS. 
Apr 30 | 2015
Thank you to our friends at 10TV for supporting the Corcoran Awards and Foster Care Month!  We are so thrilled to have them as community partners!Click here to connect with 10TV's community Calendar  
Apr 28 | 2015
We are proud to announce that our Past Chairman and Board Member, Oyauma Garrison, has received the United Way Key Club Emerging Leader award.  Congratulations Oyauma!