St. Vincent Family Center Will Begin Construction on a New Wing

St. Vincent Family Center has a long history of providing unique, innovative behavioral health programs that get results with a 93% success rate among preschoolers and an 87% success rate for school age children moving to less restrictive environments.  Because of our unmatched services, we have maximized our building capacity by using rooms in the basement for classrooms. Still, we have a growing demand for niche services and expertise in our community.  To accommodate the demand, we are raising $5 million to renovate and expand the current building in order to provide:

  • the addition of a 21,300 square foot wing.
  • 100 new slots for high risk children in the Therapeutic School Age program.
  • new classrooms for Therapeutic School Age that will have natural light and will be more conducive to learning.
  • new space so that children will no longer attend school in the basement.
  • the renovation of the cafeteria to accommodate the growing number of children attending preschool and school age programs.
  • major changes to the cafeteria using sound reduction equipment to reduce the noise and alter the lighting.
  • restructuring of the bus drop-off area and creation of a courtyard that will increase safety for children in this high risk area.
  • the renovation of current space that will allow for more clinical offices where more children and families will receive outpatient and additional clinical services.

   If you would like to contribute to the construction of the new building, please contact Deb Huff at 614.252.0731 ext. 1132.  If you would like to purchase a brick that will support construction of the new building, please click here.